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Functional Training with the Kettlebell Swing for my Marlow & Beaconsfield clients!

Kettlebell Swing benefits:

  • Hip Hinge works the posterior chain

  • Functional movement pattern

  • Can enhance flexibility as described below

  • Total Body Conditioning & effective full body workout = efficient use of time

  • Works the cardiovascular system

  • Strength workout

  • Burns calories and fat

  • Easily transportable

Correct form:

  • Look straight ahead

  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart

  • Back Straight

  • Shoulders pulled back and down - NO SLOUCHING!

  • Lower the kettlebell between the legs, snap your hips forward to raise the kettlebell quickly - snap, snap!

  • Unless experienced it is best to raise the kettlebell to chest level, to begin with, so that the arms are parallel with the floor

Each time you swing the Kettlebell and stand tall, the glutes engage relaxing the opposing muscle group known as the Hip Flexors. The repeated contraction of the glutes and loosening of the hips can help to unlock tight hips, a common problem due to the modern conveniences of today.

We spend too much time in a seated position therefore this makes the Kettlebell Swing a great exercise to combat our modern-day issues of sitting too much and TOO MUCH FORWARD POSTURE!


  • Desk jobs

  • Driving to and from work / social

  • Cycling

  • Sitting on the sofa in the evening

  • Gaming

  • Time spent on your phone / tablet / laptop

Personal Trainer Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Swing - Hip Hinge

Personal Trainer Kettlebell Swing
Advanced Kettlebell Swing Stand Tall

If you would like to learn more about how to correctly use a Kettlebell and incorporate it into your program, contact me via or 07765323336 to discuss how I can help you on your personal fitness journey.

Hayley x


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