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Let's Talk About Fat Loss Verses Weight Loss - Part 1

Is Fat loss the same as weight loss?

Weight loss

The key to weight loss is a simple mathematical calculation:

Calories in VERSES Calories out - if your calorie expenditure is greater than what you are putting into your body you will lose weight. If you are putting in more than you are expending you will gain weight.

Are you looking to lower your body fat percentage and focus on fat loss rather than just weight loss?

Fat loss via an increase in muscle mass will change the way you look, when muscle replaces fat it increases your basal metabolic rate meaning you naturally burn more calories day to day before you factor in non-exercise active thermogenesis (NEAT) or exercise.

All cardio and in a cycle of restrictive / binge eating

Here is a photo of me (above) before I began strength training when I was doing hours of cardio and no weights. Then (below), by comparison, the middle and far right photos after I began lifting weights.

Weight Loss Transformation
Cardio & restriction to Weight Lifting to a Balanced Lifestyle enjoying the things I love

I weigh more in the photos middle and far right! Why? Simply because muscle weighs more than fat. 1 lb of muscle takes up a lot less space on a plate than 1lb of fat, it is the same principle in our bodies.

Muscle and fat
Muscle verses Fat

  • Protein will help you build and maintain lean muscle as well as keep you satiated for longer periods. You should aim for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight as an absolute minimum

  • Strength training builds muscle which in turn keeps your basal metabolic rate high meaning you burn more calories in the long run, a huge bonus if you love your food

  • Overdoing the calorie deficit can set you up for failure in the long run, do not be tempted to overdo the calories deficit. Instead think sustainable and long term then you won't be left feeling deprived and reaching for all the foods you wouldn't allow yourself to have

  • More about overdoing the deficit .... cutting calories too low can lead to a loss of muscle mass resulting in a slower metabolic rate causing slower results!

  • If you are serious about wanting to change the shape of your body you will need to start to consider your macronutrient split - this is the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats that you consume daily

  • A little of the things you love are ok. Moderation is good and life is for living which leads me to my next point ....

  • Consistency is key 🔑 IT IS NOT about what you do for a few days, weeks, or months, it’s about what you do all year round

Hayley x


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