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Fat Loss Verses Weight Loss Part 2

Let me set a very common scene for you between myself and countless clients past, present, and no doubt future ....

My Client: "I do a HIIT class 1 - 2 times a week, Boxercise once a week, body pump once a week plus a hard strength session with you 1:1 PT once a week, and my diet isn't too bad but I just can't seem to shift the weight and tone up."

Me / Personal Trainer: "The mistake you're making is thinking exercise equals fat loss but there is a little more to it than that ......"

  • Exercise = Improved cardiovascular fitness, good health, physical strength, posture, flexibility, agility, endorphins, good mental health & reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease & osteoporosis

  • Weight loss = being in a negative calorie energy balance or energy deficit

  • Weight loss = you take in less energy (via food and drink) than you expend via the following:

  1. Basal Metabolic Rate = the number of calories your body requires to survive and function well, at rest

  2. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) - the number of calories that you burn in a day by simply moving, think the number of steps

  3. Exercise Activity = all any forms of exercise

If you are exercising but not losing weight you need to take a long hard look at your nutrition and ask yourself are you really in a calorie deficit?

Next ..... looking "toned" means increasing your MUSCLE MASS which you are not going to achieve with a boxing class or a HIIT class for that matter. You need to LIFT weights and lift properly for a hypertrophy goal alongside the correct nutrition, think macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats). This will increase muscle mass which will eventually take the place of fat.

Remember that photo from Part One of my Blog Series on Fat Loss Versus Weight Loss?

Here it is below if you don't .... see how muscle takes up a lot less space than fat?

So .....

  • Lift Weights

  • Nutrition on point

  • Remain consistent

  • Remain patient - (cast your eyes over how long it took my client below to achieve an increase in Muscle Mass and a reduction in his Body Fat. Results do not come fast or easily)

  • Body Fat % comes down

Case Study - Recent Client Results for Body Fat Verses Muscle Mass

  • Muscle Mass % goes up

Muscle Mass
Case Study - Recent Client Results for Body Fat Verses Muscle Mass

  • The number on the weighing scales - it could go up, down or remain the same, personally I don't care but hey that's just me ;-)

Me / Personal Trainer again: "So let's get you working for HYPERTROPHY, lifting at least 3 times a week, keep the boxing class, get your step count up, and nail your nutrition!"

Cardio Bunny Versus Lifting Weights

Cardio Bunny
Only Cardio & a lot of it

Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting with Cardio

Cardio Weights Increased Muscle Mass
Cardio Verses Weights - Body Fat DOWN, Muscle Mass UP

My client Nicola's transformation - MUSCLE MASS UP, BODY FAT DOWN!

My client Simon's transformation - Muscle Mass UP, BODY FAT DOWN!

If you would like to more about NEAT and are asking yourself right now "What is NEAT?" keep your eyes peeled for my next BLOG!

H x


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